As a new Service Consultant at a Mazda dealership, you obviously have many questions. Although these questions may be basic and second nature to established Mazda Service Consultants, we understand you may need some help getting started. This site is designed to help fulfill your needs by providing basic knowledge of Mazda’s service environment and where to go to access the information and training you will need for your role in the dealership as a Service Consultant.

Of all the Service Department employees, the Service Consultant creates the greatest impression on customers. You are the face of Mazda and have the ability to influence a customer’s view of your dealership and the Mazda brand as a whole. Our success depends on making a positive impression each and every time our customers visit the dealership. Mazda is committed to supporting your efforts at the dealership and provides the training, tools and resources you need to be successful.

Below you will find details of the various resources Mazda has made available to you.  The menu bar at the top of the page contains the links that will take you directly to the sites where you can explore them in depth.

When you have finished reviewing the information, be sure to log in to the Reward Performance by Mazda website to learn about Mazda’s reward and incentive programs, and select a welcome gift.

To view the resource details, click the panels or blue arrows below.
Click to expand panel Mazda's gateway to all dealer resources and websites.

To access MXConnect, you’ll need to use your WSL logon.

  • Enter URL dealers.mazdausa.com in the address field of an Internet Explorer Browser, version 6.0 or higher – Do not place http:// or www in front of the address
  • The search will return the WSL login page
  • Type in your personal user ID and password
  • MXConnect will open
  • Click on Service at the top of the page
  • The Service page opens
Once you have accessed the MXConnect Service page, you'll be able to explore:
  • Business Applications
  • Programs
  • Service Process Tools and Resources
  • Training

Click to expand panel Mazda’s on-line source of information about training for dealership employees accessible from MXConnect.

 From the MazdaState Home Page you will find information about

  • Certification Levels
  • Course Descriptions
  • How to enroll in a course
  • How to change or cancel an enrollment
  • How to monitor your training progress
  • Training Policies and Procedures
  • Locate information about your local area training centers
Note: MazdaState is available to you from anywhere with internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by typing URL www.mazdastate.com and using your WSL log-on information.
Mazda’s internal customer survey system accessible from MXConnect is a tool designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your performance based on the customer's experience at your dealership.
 Use Mazda Quick Touch survey feedback to:
  • Assist you in identifying processes that need improvement
  • Analyze customer comments related to their service experience
  • Identify Hot Alerts which are customer concerns in need of immediate attention
Click to expand panel Mazda’s dealer communication system accessible from MXConnect.
From eMDCS you can perform:
  • Warranty Vehicle Inquiry
  • Warranty Claim Inquiry
  • Campaign Inquiry
  • Mazda Dealer searches using the Dealer Directory

Click to expand panelAccessible from MXConnect, the Service Process Improvement Toolbox provides all the tools and resources to help you manage your daily service activities.

From Service Process Tools & Resources you will also learn about:

  • The Mazda Service Quality Commitment – our promise to deliver a superior customer service experience to our customers (MSQC [also linked in the Tools & Resources menu above]).
  • Full Circle Service - the cornerstone of the Mazda service experience that conveys value to customers through a comprehensive vehicle inspection and consultation process.
  • Service Process Improvement Toolbox - tools & resourced designed to facilitate the delivery of the Mazda Service Quality Commitment to all customers.

Click to expand panel From MX Connect you will have access to all of the Mazda service programs including:


arrow Your one location for all Mazda incentive and reward programs.

On the RPM website, accessible from MazdaState or MXConnect, you can see how to earn award points for your performance in Mazda programs, track your progress and redeem points for awards.



Click here to log in to the RPM website, and select a welcome gift.